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Self Assessment

If you are self-employed, the director of a limited company or have received income during the tax year upon which tax is due, you have to complete and submit a return to HMRC.

More specifically, you may have to complete your tax return online if you fall into one of the following categories:

  • Self-employed (sole trader) 
  • A partner in a business partnership
  • Receive rental income
  • Receive income from savings, investments and dividends
  • Wanting to claim certain tax reliefs
  • Receive child benefit and you or your partner’s income was over £50,000
  • Have sold assets in the tax year, such as additional properties or shares
  • PAYE income of above £100K


AOA Accounting
Our Process To Prepare

Your Self Assessment Tax Return

Our qualified accountants will provide you with the necessary advice and guidance on how to minimise your tax liability. We believe in providing a value-add service, not just number crunching. We make sure that our clients stay on top of their taxes and financial situations so that they can make well-informed business and investment decisions.

Complex Tax Calculations Made Easy

If you have capital gains, shares, leases, let and sublet income, these incomes have a different set of rules and Merits. With AOA Accounting Services, you will get the service with in-depth knowledge of personal tax.

Personal Tax Planning

We will put all the pieces together to plan and prepare your Self Assessment Tax Returns in the best efficient and tax-saving way considering all tax-saving allowances are calculated accordingly.

Dealing With HMRC

We will deal with HMRC on your behalf where applicable. We aim to help you in any emergency case if you have received a penalty notice or a tax investigation triggered against you.

Effective Communication

We will be in touch with you at every step of the process through email, call or text. The tax return will be available for your approval prior to submission.

Income Sources

Every source of income has a different framework. We will ask you for all income sources such as capital gains, employment income and benefits, CIS, Trade income and commissions, Property income, dividends, etc. We will work around all allowable expenses to reach the correct tax liability.