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Corporation Tax

Corporation tax return (CT600)

In the UK companies pay Corporation Tax (CT) on their profits, there are specific things that must be done to work out, pay and report CT tax.

At AOA Accounting we will help you to smoothly complete these tasks like registering for CT, keep accurate accounting records and preparation of your return.

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Corporation Tax

Who pays corporation tax?

Corporation tax is payable by all UK limited companies.

The following organisations may also need to pay it, even if they’re not incorporated: Members clubs, societies and associations Trade associations Housing associations Groups of individuals carrying out a business (such as co-operatives). If you’re a sole trader or partnership, you won’t pay corporation tax. Instead, you’ll pay income tax on your profits via a self-assessment tax return. You can find out more in our guide to income tax for the self-employed.

It is the responsibility of the company director to ensure that the corporation tax return has been submitted on time, and the tax bill has been paid – even if the company hires an accountant to prepare their calculations.

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